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Safety and Security

When you're dealing with Social Security numbers, tax IDs, and personal financial data, security has to be a top priority. efileACAforms takes the necessary steps to implement strict business processes, designed to protect your data against unauthorized access.

Our security measures include:

ACA forms and reporting require a higher level of security than other IRS forms. In addition to employee personal data, ACA forms include health insurance information that is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As an added security measure, our print-and-mail facility complies with the latest HIPAA security requirements regarding protected health information (PHI) to provide a higher level of protection.

In addition to our HIPAA credentials, our services are SOC2-certified. We routinely perform penetration tests and are audited by experts to ensure we follow the best practices in security and data encryption to protect employees' personal information both online and within our print-and-mail facility.

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