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For more than 30 years, our organization has worked with employers and companies of all sizes to help them complete their IRS information reporting requirements. While we have encountered a lot of changes over these years, the Affordable Care Act represents a whole new level of complexity and confusion. For many companies ACA reporting is complicated by the number of departments and data sources that need to be consolidated.

To fill this gap, we developed to simplify this process and provide a dedicated solution that clarifies reporting requirements and helps you get the job done.

We relied on the best practices established through our service, which provides an end-to-end online service for 1099, W-2 and ACA forms processing, to create a solution for those responsible specifically for ACA filing. We built upon established processes and resources to deliver a turnkey service that you can rely on with confidence to:

  • Meet all security requirements including HIPAA compliance.
  • Simplify the data consolidation and forms creation process.
  • Provide complete and accurate forms to your employees.
  • Meet all IRS filing requirements and deadlines. represents the easiest and quickest way to meet ACA reporting requirements without disrupting your other business activities at this busy time of year. The website is designed to guide you through the process, answer your questions along the way and complete your forms creation, delivery and IRS filings. There’s no software to install, no paper forms to buy and print and no trips to the post office. is an approved IRS e-file transmitter for businesses with ACA requirements.

With you’ll experience a complete end-to-end online solution that takes care of the tasks you must do today, retains your data and simplifies the process year after year.

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